Family Complexity and Social Policy

In July 2021, the MobileKids team participated in an exciting panel examining Family complexity and social policy at the 5th International Conference on Public Policy. Laura Merla and Lorena Izaguirre presented an innovative policy analysis, comparing and discussing the level of support that Belgian, French, and Italian family policies offer to multi-local, post-separation families who have put in place shared physical custody arrangements for their children. Drawing on, and adapting Commaille, Stobel, and Vilac’s (2002) typology of the main pillars of family policies in the European context, they examined a selection of emblematic and national-level family policies from the following areas: (1) Family benefits (Family allowance, Childbirth allowance, and « Back-to-school » allowance); (2) Access to Services (Early childhood education and care, Care of ill children, and Cash for care measures); and (3) Tax measures (child tax allowances). The comparison focuses on three main criteria: scope (universalist vs means-tested); entitlement (family vs individuals); and shareability of benefits between both parents in the context of shared physical custody. The atmosphere at the panel was extremely stimulating! The team will deepen its analysis in the coming weeks, drawing on the insightful comments that the team received at the conference.

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