The digital practices of children

Methodological seminar

This research seminar, organized on 17 Novembre 2017, proposed a global reflection on the methodological tools for studying children and adolescents’ digital practices, that not only support a fine-grained analysis of children’s daily uses of ICT, but also help unravel the ways in which those digital practices contribute to maintain and recompose children’s social, spatial and symbolic ties within diverse family configurations. We had the pleasure to welcome Laurence Le Douarin, a specialist of the sociology of the uses of ICT at the CeRIES, Université de Lille. The seminar included:

  • A presentation by Laura Merla of the MobileKids project and the main methods that we use in our fieldwork
  • A presentation by Laurence LeDouarin of her current research “Doing family at a distance: the uses of ICT in separated families”. In this longitudinal study, Laurence Le Douarin studies parents’ uses of ICT and how these transform family relations.
Methodological seminar: the digital practices of children


November 17th 2017


UCL Louvain-la-Neuve




About Laurence LeDouarin

My work is mainly located in the fields of family sociology and the sociology of uses. I worked on the introduction of computers in families, on the way couples with young children use the internet to articulate the various spheres of their existence (work, family, leisure), and on ICT and grand-parents/grand-children intergenerational relations. More recently, I studied the issues of intimate trials and « online infidelity », and school trials, with a focus on the way students in their last year of secondary education use ICT to articulate school work and free time. I use informational and communicational tools as “analyzers of practices » in the distribution of social roles within families. More…